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Quilting was a skill I had absolutely intimidated by 10 years ago.  I am part of a family that does all sorts of sewing (i.e.:  upholstery, custom clothes, alteration, costumes, etc.)  My sister and mother took me to a quilt retreat in Ohio.  The only type of quilts I knew at the time were the traditional pieced quilts.  Frankly, quilting intimidated me with being perfectly matched pieces, cutting perfectly, and the geometric shapes brought back bad memories of math class in school.  My eyes were opened to quilts being pieces of art when I stepped into a quilt shop in Ohio.  There was no turning back at that point!

Through many years of practicing, I discovered working with cotton fabrics, various threads, and acrylic paints give my art visual and tangible texture and dimension.  The technique I found more interesting and allowed me to explore my art passion is raw-edged appliqué.  My quilts are wall hanging and can be hung on a wall and viewed for pleasure.

My first quilt set the ground work for future inspirations.  A photo caught my eye and inspired my Face to Face quilt.  A picture of my father and my dog, face to face, brought out an untapped, creative side of me Since then, I have realized that feating portrait/art quilts of my family and friends is one area where my creativity excels.

Summer 2016, my husband and I went into the city of Buffalo, NY (where I live) and took some photos of buildings and various iconic items that make Buffalo Beautiful!  I am working on a series of these quilts.  I hope to present them one day in an exhibit for the public to view and enjoy.

I have a Trunk Show and Workshops that would be suitable for Quilt Guilds, Quilt Shops, etc.  I am very excited about these future endeavors!

Please view my resume and contact information here.

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