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Part of a Generation of Artists/Crafters

As a part of a multi-generation family of crafters — and 16-year proprietor of an alterations/costume design business — it wasn’t until participating in my first quilting retreat 11 years ago that I recognized quilting as my passion and avenue of personal artistic creativity.

Despite attending quilting shows in Ohio for more than 16 years with my mom, sister and daughter, I still recall my excitement upon first entering a quilt shop.  As soon as I stepped in I knew quilting was my artistic venue of choice — and I never looked back.  To this day, even after winning many awards for my entries at various quilt shows and teaching at AQS Spring Paducah, I want to learn more and expand my craft.

Although I do not hold and art degree, and never considered myself an artist, I now draw my quilt inspiration from scenic photographs, iconic buildings, and yes — loved ones.  I am even experimenting with drawing and creating my own art stories through my drawings and photography.  In my years of collecting quilting information and practicing different techniques, I find myself looking for mediums that fit into a distinct spectrum that allows for the “room for error” feel I crave.  Raw-edged appliqué fits that realm, as does adding acrylic paints and free-motion quilting.  Both add the fine details and dimensions I believe necessary for bringing my art to life.

Learning will always be an integral part of my art quilting and will continually evolve my art.

I have a Trunk Show and Workshops that would be suitable for Quilt Guilds, Quilt Shops, etc.  I am very excited about these future endeavors!

Custom T-Shirt quilts and custom art quilts are still available by contacting me by email or phone number.

I will continue to blog once per week to give you the behind the scene view of what I’m doing!

Thank you for reading a little about me and visiting my corner of the internet!

Peace – Pam

Please view my resume and contact information here.

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